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What’s The Story Lamb Chop?

Well, I survived my first go at 2nd Friday. 2nd and 3rd too. I’ve just been super lazy about posting…

I did about as poorly as expected but was so happy and relieved that I actually sold a couple things. While I didn’t come close to breaking even, I got my name out there and didn’t give up. Hopefully,  when people start to look for holiday gifts and the weather is really nice I’ll get even more traffic. Hopefully.

There are few things in life I haven’t completely given up on. My regular behavior to cut and run when things get tough has been a cornerstone of my existence. I’d like the say that even though I didn’t turn a profit I’m more proud of myself for not quitting but that’d be a lie. I mean, who wouldn’t prefer making lots of money and being praised for their apparent talent?

One thing that certainly helped ease my anxiety over this experience is the newest member of my family, LambChop! I’ve wanted a dog for a while and as I’ve mentioned before, attempted one back in August. Bea Arthur was a really bad experience for me. She was not a good fit and I was definitely not emotionally prepared to train and take care of a puppy. I now know that that experience and the wait was worth it for LambChop. She is the perfect dog for me. Sweet, mellow, loving, housebroken!


I got so damn lucky with this dog. I hope I do right by her. She came from the shelter and we’ll rescue each other. Such a sweet, wonderful dog deserves a good home with lots of love and belly rubs. Financially, it may not have been the best decision but in light of so much frustration, stress, and pain in my life she is a source of comfort.

She may be a little stinky but she’s mine and I’ve definitely fallen for her! She’s damn good to cuddle with even if I always have to be the big spoon.

I am a Jedi

I am a Jedi


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Bring It!

2nd friday

To my surprise and elation I was approved to exhibit at Mesa’s 2nd Friday Night Out this week, October 10th. I will be there for 6-10 selling handmade postcards/holiday cards, as well as prints of my paintings! This is a major step for my Resolutions. I am so nervous but excited to see what total strangers think of my art.

Come out and support local artists and businesses. Bring the kids, bring the dog, dress up for this month’s theme: Nightmare on Main. Food, music, costume contest and much more! For more info visit their website.

Any and all are welcome. Stop by, say hi, buy some art, shoot the shit, pet a dog, get free candy!

Here is a little preview of the prints I will have available in various sizes. I’ll also have original watercolors available, a few original paintings, and candy!

blue skies are coming i-cant-help-it-if-you-might-think-im-odd1 cactus-flower-edit1 waters-of-the-purple-bleeding-hearts3


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I Would Climb Jennifer Lawrence Like A Tree

I visited the Hollywood Costume exhibit at Phoenix Art Museum finally. It’s the last week and I’ve been wanting to see it since it opened but always found an excuse not to. Being more social and getting out of the house is one of my goals so I finally forced myself to get down there.

50 points to me and I got to see pretty clothes!

The show was very interesting and the clothes were amazing, of course. I thought it was interesting how seeing these iconic costumes up close cut them down to size as it were. Russel Crowe is a lot less daunting in Gladiator when he’s not 10 feet tall on screen. I feel like I could take him.


I couldn’t believe some of the iconic costumes the show featured nor could I help noticing what people gravitated towards. People naturally flocked to get a look at Batman and see Andy Serkis’ suit he wore when doing CGI-things for LotR. Of course there was a crowd around Marilyn Monroe’s costume from Some Like It Hot and Audrey Hepburn from My Fair Lady but what I could not believe was that there wasn’t a soul around some of truly incredible pieces.

marilynThe whole of the grand period pieces from Camelot to Maria Antoinette was a virtual ghost town. And there must have been a great disturbance in the force for NO ONE to kneel before Darth Vader and Ming the Merciless! The crowds flocking around the Aadams family was a small consolation for the fact that no one bothered to stop an look up at Superman and Spiderman hanging from the rafters. The Dude would not abide the number of people walking right past his robe.

Upstairs, the Hollywood Red Carpet exhibit was a similar story of neglect and rubbernecking. Everyone wanted to crowd around Amy Adams’ dress because its grand train and pale blue color on the red platform begged to be noticed but no one bothered to stop and appreciate the incredible simplicity of Jennifer Lawrence’s Calvin Klein dress from when she was nominated for Winter’s Bone.

Granted I never saw that movie. It looked depressing and I generally make a point of not watching things that are going to bum me out more than I already am. But whether you saw it or not you can’t deny the shear perfection that was Jennifer Lawrence in that dress. Those who know me know I have a total girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence. I think she is stunning, talented, and a total spas.

j law front

As a fat girl, I do however call bullshit when she goes on her rant about being “fat for Hollywood”. You’re not fat Jen. But thanks for trying to understand our plight. You have to wake up pretty fucking early to make the mannequin look fat and lumpy. Not to mention anyone prancing around on screen in nothing but blue paint has got to be flawless if they want to escape the harsh criticism of the press and hypocritical nerd trolls alike.

Regardless of if she’s full of shit about her size or not, I would climb that woman like a tree. I’m confident enough in my heterosexuality to say that but also willing to admit that if ever offered the chance to get with her I would pounce like a lion. Just so I could say I nailed Jennifer Lawrence. Who wouldn’t really?

Now, technically and actually for that matter, you’re not supposed to take pictures. Years of lurking in museum galleries and working in one have taught me how to spot a guard and how to look like you’re texting while sneaking a shot. I’m like a super nerdy fashion ninja! A fashion ninja who takes really bad blurry pictures!

j law back

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